Electronic Utility Billing

The City of Olathe offers free electronic full page billing for citizens who prefer electronic records.  Sign up and receive a monthly email with a link to the account login page. Electronic billing customers no longer receive a bill through the mail.  

In addition to regular billing information, the electronic statement illustrates a graph of water usage history for the past year and offers the ability to pay the account online.

To receive this free service, create an online account

  • The latest billing statement is needed as a reference.
  • Enter the account number and name as they are printed on the statement.


If you already have an online account, just login: 

  • Select a link on the left side of your bill presentation screen entitled "Paperless Billing" for instructions to sign up for Electronic Billing. 

Certain features are only available to our customers via the online account.  Bills are archived and can be searched from the personal account page.  Eventually this archive will build to access 18 months of previous account activity.  Water usage is also presented in both cubic feet and gallon units on the electronic statement. 

An automated reminder for recycling is also available to the online account that helps customers remember which day to roll their recycling cart to the curb.  With the every other week pick up schedule for recycling, it is easy to get confused. Online customers can sign up to receive an email reminder the day before their recycling is to be collected: 

  • Sign-on to your online account.
  • Select "Account Settings" from the left hand menu.
  • Select "Send recycling reminder e-mail?" located at the bottom of the account settings box.
  • To discontinue the email reminders, go back to Account Settings and deselect "Send recycling reminder email?". 

The City of Olathe site is secure and citizens contact information will not be shared with any third party organizations.