Citizen Connect

Citizen Connect offers convenient access to City Hall:

Olathe's Citizen Connect was developed to give residents a contact at City Hall to respond to their requests or concerns in a timely manner.  The system contributes to Olathe's goal of providing accountable and responsive government.  Internet users can make an inquiry or request City of Olathe service any time with Citizen Connect.

Citizen Connect users can select from 25 categories.  Requests are forwarded directly to the appropriate City of Olathe department.  City staff makes an effort to contact the resident within two business days.

Although resolution of resident concerns and requests cannot always be made within that two business days, request status and an opportunity to make additional inquiries is also available to the Citizen Connect user online.

Besides offering residents convenience, the Internet-based system provides benefits inside City Hall.  Communication is enhanced when more than one department is involved in resolving a citizen request.  Plus, the resolution process is documented and the system assists in identifying service trends throughout the city. 

Percentage of Olathe residents satisfied or very satisfied with the overall quality of customer service in the City of Olathe (Annual DirectionFinder® Citizen Survey):


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