Freedom of Information/Records Requests

Most records maintained by public entities are open for inspection and copying by individuals.  Commonly requested records include:  Ordinances, Resolutions, Minutes from open meetings, and budgets.  There are several exceptions:  Personnel information of public employees, medical treatment records, records protected by attorney-client privilege or rules of evidence, records containing personal information compiled for Census purposes, notes and preliminary drafts; and other specifics.

The City Clerk's Office coordinates records requests with various City departments.  Use the link below to fill out a request for records.  Please note that in many instances fees for staff time required to make information available and the cost of copying or reproducing may be charged.

Records Requests (Webform)                                Open Records Requests - Policies and Procedures

The City Clerk serves as the City's Freedom of Information Office.  If you have questions regarding open records, access, cost, etc., please contact the City Clerk's Office, (913) 971-8521.