Council Overview

Olathe City Council group photo

In 1986, Olathe voters selected a modified mayor-council-manager form of government. Under Charter Ordinance No. 28, this form of government calls for:

  • A mayor and two councilmembers elected by the city as a whole.
  • Four councilmembers elected by wards.
  • All members are elected to four-year staggered terms.

As the policy makers, the City Council passes resolutions and ordinances, approves the budget, appoints citizens to advisory boards and hires the city manager who serves at the pleasure of the Council. The city manager is responsible for administering the affairs of the city. Much like the executive branch of the federal government, the city manager sees that the laws and ordinances are enforced.

City Council Meetings

The City Council meets in regular session the first and third Tuesday of each month.

All meetings begin at 7:00 p.m.

Executive Sessions1 are scheduled as necessary.

The public is invited to attend all City Council meetings.

Meeting Agenda

Call to Order - The meeting is called to order by the mayor, or if not present, the mayor pro-tem.

Pledge of Allegiance - The audience is asked to join Councilmembers in the Pledge of Allegiance. This allows Councilmembers, citizens, city employees and others present to reflect upon the values and premises on which this nation is built.

Special Business - During this time, presentations for guests, awards, board appointments or proclamations are made. For those receiving awards, it may be appropriate to make some comments. In such case, the podium microphone is available. Please contact the City Clerk at (913) 971-8521 if special accommodations are needed.

Public Hearing - By law, some issues require citizen input before a grant, bid development or programs can move forward. Citizens are encouraged to state their concerns for or against an issue. To do so, citizens are asked to step up to the podium, state their name and address and follow with brief comments.

Consent Agenda - These items are considered routine and are considered and approved under one motion unless removed for separate action at the request of the City Council. Items on the consent agenda generally include the following: the renewal of commercial licenses, acceptance of bids for equipment purchase, approval of development plans, awarding of contracts and approval of agreements.

New Business - This consists of items not previously considered by the Council. Each item is discussed, if needed, and voted on separately. New Business may exist in three categories:  planning, municipal services (public works) and administration.

New City Council Business - Each Councilmember and the city manager are given an opportunity to voice additional concerns and issues.  A ward Councilmember should be contacted if an item needs to be brought to the attention of the Council and the general public.

General Issues and Concerns of Citizens - Citizens can address the City Council about issues that are not on the formal agenda. To properly address the Council, citizens are asked to stand at the podium, state their name and address and then relate their issue.  Public comments are scheduled at the end of the regular session meetings and at the beginning of study session meetings.  Contact the City Clerk at (913) 971-8521 or sign up in the foyer area at City Hall before the meeting2

City Council and City Manager Calendar and Review Items

Meeting Adjournment

Additional Information:

Questions or Comments - Please call (913) 971-8600 to ask for the appropriate department. 

Olathe Government Network (OGN) - All regular session Council meetings are broadcast live on Comcast channel 7 and ATT U-Verse channel 99; and they are rebroadcast the following week.

1Executive Session - Under exemptions to the Kansas Open Meetings Act, the Council can recess into Executive Session. This gives the City Council an opportunity to meet with staff and the parties involved to discuss the City's options resolving pending legal action, land acquisition issues or personnel matters.

2Special Accommodations - Should anyone need special accommodations, they are requested to contact the City Clerk at (913) 971-8521, prior to the meeting to arrange for adaptive procedures.  An interpreter for persons hard of hearing is provided at all regular sessions of City Council meetings.