Olathe's Government

In 1986, Olathe voters selected a modified mayor-council-manager form of government. Under Charter Ordinance No. 28, this form of government calls for a mayor and two councilmembers elected by the city as a whole, and four councilmembers elected by wards. The mayor, four ward representatives and two at-large councilmembers are elected to four-year staggered terms. The governing body is generally referred to as the "Council" or "Governing Body."

At its first regular meeting in April after a biennial city election, the governing body shall:

  • Establish by resolution a regular schedule of meeting times and dates for the next two years. Such schedule shall provide for no fewer than two meetings each month.
  • Elect one of its members as mayor pro tem who, in the absence or disability of the mayor, shall become acting mayor. Such councilmember shall retain all voting rights and other prerogatives as councilmember while acting as mayor.

Each councilmember must be not less than 18 year of age, be a citizen of the United States and a resident of the city for 30 days immediately preceding his or her election. If any council-member takes permanent residence outside the city limits of Olathe, such residence ipso facto creates a vacancy in the office.

The resignation of any member must be submitted in writing and acted upon by the Council as a whole. In case of any vacancy in the position of any councilmember, the remaining members of the board must elect a suitable person to fill his vacancy until the next regular city election.