Sentencing Options


  • Jail time may be ordered for certain offenses. All persons sentenced to jail time in Olathe Municipal Court are sent to Johnson County Adult Detention in Olathe, Kansas.
  • Fines and fees In all cases the court may assess fines and fees. The amount assessed is determined by local ordinances and state statutes; it may also be affected by the facts of the case and the defendant's criminal history. The Olathe Municipal Court Fine Schedule can be found at the following link. If you are found guilty, court costs and other fees are added to the fine amount. All fines and fees are due the day they are assessed.
  • Probation is a conditional release granted to a defendant following conviction. During the probation period a defendant will be supervised by a Court Services Officer and will be required to meet conditions as outlined on the probation contract. If you fail to meet any of those conditions you may be required by the Judge at a Revocation Hearing, to serve the full original jail time received at sentencing and/or pay fines
  • House arrest is a sentencing option that involves electronic supervision in your own home monitored by an outside agency.
  • Restitution a defendant can owe restitution when a requested by a victim becomes a court ordered in cases involving financial loss directly related to the crime for which you are convicted.