Accela Citizen Access: City of Olathe On-Line Permitting

Accela Citizen Access (CA) is now used as the City of Olathe's on-line permitting portal. With CA you can apply for permits (see listing of specific permits below), research/search all permits, and pay and print out your approved permit.

With CA you can now apply for Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing and Sign permits. All commercial permits require plan review and need submitted to Building Codes (1225 S. Hamilton Circle). Approval is needed before payment can be made and permits can be issued.  

There are five basic steps of the permitting process (this information applies to on-line permitting):

  1. Application:  All permits require a valid address on file with the City. You can check addresses, locations and existing permits through the Olathe GIS Interactive Mapping Service.
  2. Payment: Payments can be made on-line at any time on approved permits, including re-inspection fees.
    • REFUND POLICY: No refunds shall be issued if the permitted work has commenced or if the issued permitted is more than 180 days old. A process fee, of 2.2% of the permit fee, plus $0.60, is assessed on all on-line issued permits, and is non-refundable.
    • Once your plans have been reviewed and fees have been paid, you can print out any permit that was paid on-line.
  3. Inspection
    • Engineering, Fire, and Utility Inspections cannot be scheduled online.
      • For Engineering inspections, please call (913) 971-9045.
      • For Fire inspections, please call (913) 971-7900.
      • For Utility inspections, please call (913) 971-9407.
    • Same day inspections cannot be scheduled on-line. Please call (913) 971-7900 for same day scheduling.
    • Cut off time for next day inspections is 4 pm.
    • Call aheads will be from the end of the previous inspection. No time guarantee.
  4. Final Approval: This is received when all work is complete and approved by the City. 

If you have any questions or need assistance, please call Building Codes at (913) 971-7900.