Development Process

Development Review Process

The Development Review Process consists of several steps which are designed to help move projects from concept to construction smoothly. The following is a brief summary of the process.

Development Process

The approval process begins with a pre-application meeting. The intent of the pre-application meeting is to allow staff an opportunity to review conceptual plans and provide information to the application. The information is then used in the generation of plans to be formally submitted.

Once plans are formally submitted, the development review team comments on the plans and a recommendation is forwarded to the Planning Commission in a Staff Report.

Upon approval by the Planning Commission, and in some cases the City Council, the next step in the process is the submittal of construction documents.

Once the construction documents and building permit application are submitted, City Staff conducts a review and when ready, a building permit is issued.

As the construction process proceeds, several buildng inspections are completed. Once the project is built, a certificate of occupancy is issued.

A complete listing of the development reveiw steps are contained in the process maps linked to the right.