Site Development Plans

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Site development plans are detailed drawings (to scale) showing the proposed development of a specified parcel of land, including the location and design of buildings, easements, utility layouts, parking arrangements, public access, street patterns, drainage controls, existing vegetation and natural features, landscaping, lighting and other similar features.

The Planning Commission reviews preliminary and final site development plans to determine if they demonstrate a satisfactory quality of design in the individual buildings and the site, the appropriateness of the building or buildings to the intended use, and the aesthetic appropriateness of the development to its surroundings.

In order to submit a formal application for the Planning Commission Agenda, a pre-application meeting is required.

Preliminary Site Development Plans:

A preliminary site development plan is required for office, commercial, business complexes, and multi-family developments in a conventional zoning district. The preliminary site development plan may be more schematic and general in nature, addressing conceptual requirements. A preliminary site development plan is typically submitted along with the rezoning application.

Final Site Development Plans:

The final site development plan will not significantly change from the approved preliminary site development plan. A final site development plan application will require more detail than the preliminary site development plan.


Neighborhood Meeting Policy

Please Note:

Trees planted in fulfillment of the Landscaping Chapter of the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) shall only be planted during the spring (March 15 through June 15) or fall (September 15 through December 1). Plantings at other times during the year may occur after receiving verbal approval by the Director of Development Services. Written approval will be provided if requested.