Final Site Development Plan

Garmin Buidling

Final Site Development Plan -- Checklist

  1. All final site development plans are to be drawn at the same scale as the preliminary site development plan.

  2. All existing and proposed adjacent public street rights-of-way with centerline location and surface type, condition and width. Location, size and radii of all existing and proposed median breaks and turning lanes. All existing and proposed drive locations, widths, curb cuts and radii.

  3. Location of all required building and parking setbacks.

  4. Location, dimensions, number of stories, and gross floor area in square feet of all proposed buildings.

  5. Final drainage design. Limits, location, size and material to be used in all proposed drainage basins and retaining walls.

Building elevations including the following:

  1. Elevations of all sides of proposed buildings including notation indicating building materials to be used on exteriors and roofs.

  2. Size, location, color and materials of all signs to be attached to building exteriors, unless private sign criteria have previously been approved by the Planning Commission.

  3. Location, size and materials to be used in all screening of rooftop mechanical equipment.

  4. Landscaping and screening plans as required by Chapter 18.62.

  5. Location, height, candle power and type of outside lighting fixtures for buildings and parking lots.

  6. Location, size, type of material and message of all proposed monument or detached signs.

The following shall be submitted in support of the application for final development plan approval:

  1. Deeds of dedication for all rights-of-way or easements required as a result of preliminary site development plan approval.

  2. A copy of all covenants and restrictions applicable to the development, if required by the terms of the preliminary site development plan.

  3. Evidence of the establishment of the agency for the ownership and maintenance of any common open space and all assurances of the financial and administrative ability of such agency required pursuant to approval of the preliminary site development plan, if required by the terms of the approved preliminary site development plan.

  4. Evidence of satisfaction of any stipulations of the preliminary site-
    development plan approval which were conditions precedent to consideration of the final development plan.

  5. Assurances of adequate public facilities as required by Section 18.04.060.
    (Ord. 02-54 § 2, 2002)


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