Special Corridor Plans

K7 Hwy from College Blvd

In the past the City of Olathe has adopted area and corridor plans to supplement information contained in the City's Comprehensive Plan. While the Comprehensive Plan takes a global view of future land use patterns in Olathe, area and corridor plans take a more detailed look into future growth patterns of a specific area.

As part of the update of the City's Comprehensive Plan completed in October 2010, the future land use recommendations of Olathe's area and corridor plans were integrated into the updated Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map. As a result, the future land use recommendations of past area and corridor plans no longer apply. Design guidelines and overlay districts associated with existing area and corridor plans remain in effect until they can be reviewed and adapted to function within the framework of the Comprehensive Plan. This task of updating area and corridor plan design guidelines has been identified as one of the most urgent implementation tasks for the Comprehensive Plan. Until that process is complete, the area and corridor plans are available below for reference purposes:

Coffee Creek Master Plan (July 2005)

Downtown Master Plan

K-150 Corridor Study (December 1986)

K-7 Corridor (February 2002)

Lone Elm Vicinity Plan(August 2007)

Woodland Road Corridor Plan (November 2004)

Cedar Creek Area Plan