Initiatives to Address Resident Concerns in Prairie Haven Subdivisions

City of Olathe Initiatives to Address Resident Concerns in Prairie Haven Subdivisions

Updated:  April 27, 2008

I.  Background

At the City Council's 6/24/08 meeting, residents of Prairie Haven subdivisions in northwest Olathe spoke about concerns they had about their neighborhoods. This is a summary of those concerns and what the City is doing about them.  It briefly describes:

  • (1) what staff has been doing about these issues, which citizens have shared with staff over the year, and
  • (2) what staff is doing currently to address the specific concerns expressed at the council meeting.

II.  Specific Issues

Issue A.          Mowing of undeveloped property and vacant lots:

Staff inspects subdivisions under development for excessive growth of weeds and grasses during the growing season on a regular basis.  Inspections will begin on May 20th  and continue through October. 

Issue B.          Building materials dumped on site and other dumping:

The mound of gravel has been utilized.  The City will be coordinating removal of the debris at street cutoffs with the developer and the Banks.    

Issue C.          Condition of partially constructed houses, where work has ceased, yet have vaild building permits:

In the Estates of Prairie Haven, three (3) homes have been completed; an additional six (6) homes are nearing completion.  In the New Village of Prairie Haven five (5) homes have been completed, and five (5) are nearing completion.  Staff continues to monitor these properties.

Issue D.          Exposed foundations with inactive construction:   

The Developer has reported the bank is considering the completion of the remaining four (4) foundations.  They will be monitored for maintenance.

Issue E.          Incomplete clubhouse and pool:

The pool and clubhouse in the Estates of Prairie Haven are complete.  The City has issued a final Certificate of Occupancy for this project.

Issue F.          Erosion of dirt from vacant lots onto sidewalks; condition of fencing to control erosion:

The developers' contractor has installed the required silt fencing. 

III.  Communication with the developer and residents:

Mayor Michael Copeland, Councilmember Jim Randall and City Manager, Michael Wilkes have met with the developer to address these concerns.  At the request of the City Manager, staff has initiated regular ongoing meetings with the developer to monitor the plans and progress for these developments. 

Councilmember Jim Randall and Development Services Director, Steve Franks have toured the area and met with residents to discuss the issues.  City staff is in frequent phone conversations with residents to address ongoing concerns. 

For more information:


The City of Olathe staff from several departments will continue to monitor and address resident concerns.    For more information, contact the Planning Division or call  971-8972.