S.E.E. Green: Green Development Forum & Vendor Fair

The City's first Green Development Forum and Vendor Fair on August 26th was a big success!  Over 50 of our development related customers attended the Forum and over 130 people attended the Vendor Fair. 

SEE Green 

Development Forum:  The City of Olathe, Development Services Department hosts development forums that provide updates on City development-related initiatives and offers the opportunity for our development-related customers and City staff to meet informally.  The forums are held 3-4 times per year.  The August 26th Development Forum, unlike previous forums, invited outside speakers and focused on "green" building practices, including issues relating to sustainable building products and practices.

Click here to view the Development Forum agenda.

Kevin Enyeart, Vice-President/General Manager of Gale Home Builders, and the current Chair of KC Build Green through the Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City, presented residential sustainable building practices to the development community.  Janet Baker, Executive Director, Greater Kansas City Chapter of the US Green Building Council, presented non-residential green building practices.  The audience also participated in a panel discussion about the practical application of sustainable development in the Kansas City metropolitan area with the two speakers and three other panelists, John Ware, AIA, LEED® AP, Green Building Consultant, GreenWare, LLC; Kristin Riott, Director of Community Outreach, Bridging The Gap; and Dustin Schafer, PE | LEED® AP | CEM, Director of Sustainable Services, Henderson Engineers, Inc.  The guest speakers and the panel discussed issues relevant to those matters faced by Olathe's development community. 

Guest Speaker Presentation:

 SEE Green
 SEE Green
 SEE Green

 Vendor Fair:  The green fair was open to Forum attendees, the general public, and City staff.  Approximately 40 organizations and businesses brought new information, products, and other green technologies to the fair.  Gas cap testing for vehicles was available, courtesy of Olathe Municipal Services Department.  Door prizes, including a rain barrel, gift certificates and green products were donated by some of the vendors.    

Thank you to the following vendors for donating door prizes:

  • International Code Council - Five Sports Bottles, Two National Green Building Standards 2008 Books
  • State Chemical Solutions - Maxam Pliers Plus, Multifunction Knife Set, Two Royals Hats
  • Grass Pad - Four Coupons
  • Kansas City Power & Light - Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs
  • Eco-Fertilization - AGgrand Natural Fertilizer
  • Kansas Coffee Company - Two Free Specialty Coffee Drinks, Mug, and Tea Cookies
  • DryVit Systems - DryVit Golf Shirt
  • IAQ Solutions - Five Free Home Energy Audits
  • Hayes Company - Home Energy Audit
  • Habitat Restore - Rain Barrel
  • HyVee - 100 reusable shopping bags


Thank you to the Kansas Coffee Company and to HyVee for supplying food for the event!

 SEE Green
 SEE Green


Kevin Enyeart

Vice-President/General Manager of Gale Home Builders, and as the current Chair of KC Build Green through the Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City

"Kevin Enyeart and Gale Home Builders have been at the leading edge of residential Green construction and development for many years.  His firm constructed the first two National Association of Home Builders certified Green homes in both Kansas or Missouri, just the 16th and 17th nationally.  As Chair of the KC Build Green Council through the Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City, Kevin has offered testimony and written legislation for Green bills at the state of Missouri, and continues to speak regularly with local municipality officials, architects, engineers, homebuilders, developers, Realtors, and general consumers to raise their level of awareness on Green/Energy Efficient home construction.  Currently, he is participating in the development of a new Green Building Science course that will be offered through the NAHB beginning January of 2010."

Janet Baker

Executive Director

Greater Kansas City Chapter of the US Green Building Council

Janet Baker has facilitated tenuous collaborations both at the systemic and grass roots levels on complex community issues. Her sustainability work includes policy level and best practices in overflow control/long term control plans, facilitating the KCMO Climate Protection Plan and co-creating the speaker series Conversations on the Environment. She is an experienced government contractor, founding director of the area's workforce development agency (Full Employment Council) and currently serves as the Executive Director of the regional USGBC chapter.

John Ware, AIA, LEED® AP
Green Building Consultant

GreenWare, LLC

John Ware is a 25 year architect, most of that time as a specialist in green design.  He became the first LEED AP in Kansas and Missouri in 2001 and has specialized in green building since then.  John now has his own consulting practice, GreenWare, LLC, which provides a range of green building services - from expert team member, to building portfolio analyst, to coordinator of LEED documentation - all for architects, engineers, builders, lenders, building owners and managers. 

John has designed and built passive solar residences, designed net-zero energy projects and coordinated many LEED projects.  He has been active in the local USGBC chapter since its inception - currently leading the legislative advocacy committee, and has served for over 10 years on the Kansas City Environmental Management Commission where he was instrumental in the adoption of KC's LEED Ordinance and the KC Climate Protection Plan. 

John is also an instructor of building science, energy efficiency, health and safety - certified in the HERS system and with the Building Performance Institute and a public speaker on topics related to green development and sustainability.

Kristin Riott

Director  of Community Outreach

Bridging The Gap

Kristin Riott began her environmental career by growing a single sweet pea blossom from seed in poor suburban soil in Cincinnati, Ohio. She was sidetracked for a number of years by a career in creative management at Hallmark Cards. Moving to Hong Kong in 2000 for her husband's career, she and her family witnessed the rapid environmental degradation so easy to see in crowded Asian cities. Upon returning to Kansas City, she became active in various environmental movements, and in 2007 trained with Al Gore to become a spokesperson for climate change. She is also chairperson of Johnson County Climate Protection, a group devoted to reducing greenhouse gases in greater Kansas City through home weatherization. 

Dustin Schafer, PE | LEED® AP | CEM

Director of Sustainable Services

Henderson Engineers, Inc.

Dustin is a licensed mechanical engineer with a background in industrial utilities engineering design, sustainable and ecological design and project management.  He contributes across a wide range of project disciplines including mechanical, architectural, electrical, controls and construction.  Dustin takes a holistic view of facility design to meet the client's budgetary and scheduling goals while maintaining an eye towards reducing total energy use as well as installed and operating costs.