Sales Tax


Sales tax is collected from Olathe residents and non-residents on the purchase of tangible goods and services within the city. Olathe has a 1 cent sales tax supporting general operations, a 1/8 cent sales tax for parks and recreation facilities, and a 3/8 cent sales tax supporting street maintenance. The city also receives a portion of select county sales taxes. Almost half of the city's annual current general fund revenue is from sales taxes.

Sales Tax - City of Olathe, KS
(As of July 1, 2015)

 State Tax 6.50%    State = 6.50%
 County - General Tax .500%    County  = 1.225%
 County - Public Safety Tax .250%      
 County - Storm Sewers Tax .100%      
 County - Public Safety Capital & Operations Tax .250%      
 County - Education Triangle Tax .125%      
 City - General Tax 1.000%    City = 1.5%
City - Street Maintenance Sales Tax .375%      
 City - Park Sales Tax .125%      
 Total Tax Rate    9.225%      


Special taxing districts are used in other nearby cities and throughout the State. In certain new development areas of Olathe, there is an additional sales tax for Transportation Development Districts (TDD) and Community Improvement Districts (CID).  

The sales tax in the following areas (view map) increased 1.000% to 10.225%  
Olathe Pointe - SE Corner of 119th & Black Bob Road (TDD)
Bass Pro shopping area - SE corner of 119th & Renner Road (TDD)
Ridgeview Falls - NE corner of 119th & Ridgeview Road (TDD)

The sales tax in the following area (view map) increased 1.000% to 10.225%
Heart of America (CID)