2012 Budget Presentations

  • 2012 Public Hearing
    August 2 was the public hearing for the 2012 budget. The public hearing presentation includes an overview of the 2012 budget.


  • 2012 Budget Follow Up
    On August 2, City staff presented a follow up presentation regarding the proposed budget.


  • 2012 Budget Work Session
    On July 19th, the City Council participated in a Budget Workshop following the City Council meeting.





  • 2012 Enterprise Fund Budget Presentation
    On June 7th, the Budget Manager along with Utility staff presented the enterprise fund budget to the City Council. Enterprise funds include Water & Sewer, Solid Waste, and Stormwater. The presentation includes an overview of the rate changes proposed for the 2012 Budget. The City Council will make a final recommendation for the Enterprise Fund budgets along with the General Fund budget recommendation
    on August 16, 2011.


  • 2010 Year End Report, Annual Performance, and 2012 Budget Guiding Principles and Resources
    On April 19th, the Strategic Financial Management division delivered this presentation to the City Council. The presentation includes an overview of the 2010 year-end performance, the 2010 Annual Performance Report, and preliminary revenue forecasts for the 2012 budget. Also included are 2012 budget guiding principles as decided by the City Council and the proposed Budget Calendar.