Benefit Districts

Commercial DevelopmentBenefit Districts are a financing and development tool whereby cities can issue general obligation bonds for construction of public improvements and assess the cost to properties that benefit. The bonds are then retired through payment of special assessments by these benefiting properties.

Benefit Districts are used by the city to assist in development of arterial roadways, water lines and sanitary sewers. It is the most responsible and fair method available to cities in Kansas to pay for the roads and infrastructure associated with new development. The method is designed to prevent established residents from paying for new roads in the city.


Benefit District Petition & Instruction Sheet

Benefit District Policy

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Benefit Districts Financing Process

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Active Benefit Districts  


Property Search - Search all the properties in Olathe by Parcel Number, Address or Land Use and find out what, if any, Benefit District assessments are on that property. Information available includes an account summary of the property, a payment schedule and payoff quote information.

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