Procurement Bids

Current Notice to Bids & RFP(Q)'s - For Public Works Bids
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Project #
Contract Specialist
  IFB 14-4442 Work Ready Truck with Refuse Collection Body Nicole Averell 24-Apr-14  
  IFB 14-4430 Production Switcher Nicole Averell 21-Apr-14  
  IFB 14-4446 Fingerprint Scanning System Robin Lynes 18-Apr-14  
  IFB 14-4398 8' Tuck Back Wing Plows Shari Pine 18-Apr-14  
  IFB 14-4421 Chairs & Carts Nicole Averell 7-Apr-14  
  RFP 14-4386 Disaster Debris Management Services Nicole Averell 4-Apr-14  
  IFB 14-4399 Corporate Apparel & Purchase of Uniforms Nicole Averell 24-Mar-14  
  IFB 14-4413 Mowers Nicole Averell 21-Mar-14  
  IFB 14-4400 Concrete Installation & Repair Services Nicole Averell 21-Mar-14  
  RFQ 14-4343 Catering Services Nicole Averell 14-Mar-14  
  IFB 14-4385 Swimming Pool Chemicals Nicole Averell 13-Mar-14  
  IFB 14-4383 Directional Drilling Services Nicole Averell 13-Mar-14  
  RFP 13-4339 Furniture for Community Center Nicole Averell 30-Jan-14  
  RFP 13-4278 Laboratory Information Management System Nicole Averell 22-Oct-13