Procurement Bids

Current Notice to Bids & RFP(Q)'s - For Public Works Bids
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Project #
Contract Specialist
  IFB 15-4130 Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services Robin Lyness 29-May-15  
  IFB 15-4120 Polyurethane Slab Jacking and Lifting Foam Shari Pine 25-May-15  
  IFB 15-4100 Fiber Restoration, Installation & Maintenance Robin Lynes 15-May-15  
  IFB 15-4104 Antifreeze & Lubricants Nicole Averell 22-May-15  
  IFB 15-4093 Playgrounds for Heatherstone and Haven Parks Nicole Averell 12-May-15  
  IFB 15-4087 Asphalt Nicole Averell 04-May-15  
  IFB 15-4070 Police Vehicle Equipment Robin Lynes 10-April-15