City Fees

Various sized blue residential waste cartsCharges and fees are not taxes. They are charges used by state and local governments to pay for services. Many fees are discretionary for residents, meaning they can "choose," to pay for the services. An example would be participation in a softball league- a resident pays a fee and receives the service. Other charges and fees are less discretionary, such as solid waste, water and sewer utility fees.

 The City of Olathe provides a full range of municipal services to the community, and charges and fees help support the City's ability to provide services such as water and sewer utilities; solid waste collection; recreational activities such as baseball leagues or swimming lessons; and miscellaneous items such as dangerous tree removal or animal licensing. Children playing soccer

The 2016/2017 Schedule of Fees with Explanations was approved by the City Council as part of the 2016 Adopted Budget. 2016 fees are effective January 1, 2016, while 2017 fees are effective January 1, 2017.

Municipal Court Fines and Fees are found in a separate document.