What is needed for a Commercial Permit?

A commercial building permit is needed for the following improvements:

  • New Building Construction
  • Tenant Finish
  • Remodel of Existing Space-(Includes retail, business offices, warehouse & mezzanine areas, vestibules or exterior façade change)
  • Footing/Foundation Only
  • Site Grading/Utilities

In order to obtain a commercial building permit, the following information must be submitted for review and approval:

  • Application (Commercial/Industrial Form)
  • Phased Permit Submittal Checklist (attach to application - Interior Tenant Finish or Remodel submit only pages 9 and 10)
  • New Construction = three (3) sets of plans (include all civil/site drawings, landscape plans, architectural drawings, mechanical, electrical, plumbing drawings. Sheets must be collated as a complete set. Include two (2) specification books, two (2) structural calculation books, two (2) soil report books, and one (1) set of all required drawings in electronic media (CDR or CDRW). Acceptable file Format: .TIF or .PDF. The first file shall include an index referencing all sheets. All plans must contain seal of a registered architect or engineer. One set must have a wet-seal and other two sets copied are acceptable.
  • Tenant Finish/Remodel = three (3) sets of plans (include all architectural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing details). Attach pages 9 & 10 of the Phased Permit Submittal Checklist and electronic media as described above. All necessary paperwork will be reviewed by staff at time of submittal for completeness and may be rejected if incomplete in order to meet our goal of a 3- day turnaround on tenant finish projects.
  • Footing/Foundation Only = Submit Footing/Foundation Application, four (4) sets of sealed site plans, erosion control plan, footing, foundation, elevations and any electrical, mechanical and plumbing underslab details, and two (2) soils reports. A letter of risk will be required releasing the City of Olathe from any liability, in the event at building permit issuance, the foundation or underslab is found to not be in compliance.
  • Plan Review Fee (Check payable to City of Olathe), based on square footage of your project.
  • Site Grading/Utilities = This permit obtained through the Public Works/Engineering Division at (913) 971-9045. No processing through the Building Codes Division.


It is our policy to review and return comments for commercial and industrial permits within 10 working days.