CERT Members

 CERT Mission Statement 

The Olathe Community Emergency Response Team is a volunteer driven program  of the Olathe Fire Department, passionately committed to serving the community by maintaining a trained, prepared citizenry.

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Deployment Status: None.

Important Events: Remember to update and restock your 72-hour kit and go-bag. 

Volunteer Hours: Please make sure you send in the hours you spend in training, meetings, PR events, etc. to the CERT Secretary for our record keeping.

Chief's Advisory Board

CERT Manager: Captain John Sanches

Coordinators: Firefighters Stephen Hill and Kevin Joles

Liaisons: Wendy Schotten, Richard Fry and Willie (Bill) Mills
Committee Spokespersons
Victoria Gaughan, (Socialization) CertSocialization@gmail.com
Brian Pintenich, (Training) bpintenich@sbcglobal.net  
Bernie Darter, (Organizational Support) BernieD@SWBell.net
Tom Griswold, (Documentation Committee) tgriswold@paynejones.com
Iris Gaughan, OlatheCertSecretary@gmail.com