Exterior Maintenance


Exterior Maintenance of Structures

The City of Olathe has adopted codes requiring property owners to maintain the exterior of properties. This includes maintenance of windows, doors, detached buildings, porches, decks and exterior walls, including painting. To report any conditions, please contact Community Enhancement at 913-971-9880.

  • Foundations

 Shall be structurally sound and support the loads imposed by the structure.

  • Exterior Wall & Trim Surfaces

Chipping, peeling or missing paint greater than 25% of the painted area shall be repainted or given a water resistant coating.

  • Window & Doors

Each exterior opening shall be fitted with a door or window.  All windows shall be in good condition without holes or broken glass.

  • Roofing & Guttering

The roof, eaves and soffits shall be structurally sound, tight and shall not admit rain.  Guttering and downspouts shall not be broken, rusted or damaged. 

  • Attached Structures

Porches, landings, fire escapes, decks, railings and exterior stairs shall be maintained in a safe and functional condition.

  • Fences

Fences, including gates, shall be maintained in sound condition free of damage, breaks or missing structural members.

  • Pools of Water

Receptacles of water shall be maintained free of trash, debris and garbage and shall not serve as breeding ground for insects.

  • Land Maintenance

Land, whether vacant or occupied by structures, shall be maintained in a manner free of health and safety hazards.

  • Detached Sheds, Garages or Out Buildings

Accessory buildings shall be maintained in the same manner as the main structure.

  • Sidewalks, Driveways and Parking Lots

 Shall not be allowed to deteriorate to the extent they constitute a safety hazard.

  • Unsanitary Premises

No inoperable vehicles, garbage, discarded household items, or furniture not designed for outdoor use may be stored or kept outside.