NOAA All-Hazards Weather Radio

NOAA all-hazards weather radioA National Oceanic and Atmospheric All-Hazards Radio is the fastest and most reliable way to receive severe weather watches, warnings and advisories and information about other community hazards.  A service of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Weather Radio acts as the "voice of the National Weather Service". It provides continuous broadcasts of the latest weather information from the weather service offices.


    Location  Frequency
     Kansas City  162.550 MHz
     Topeka  162.475 MHz
     St. Joseph  162.400 MHz


During severe weather daily routine broadcasts are interrupted by forecasters and substitute warning messages. Tone activated receivers sound an alarm indicating that an emergency exists, alerting the listener to turn the receiver up to an audible volume; or when operated in a muted mode, are automatically turned on so that the warning message is heard.

During disaster or other civil emergencies, NOAA Weather radios can be activated as part of the Emergency Alert System to provide special instructions to the public. For instance, in a hazardous material situation, information might be given to evacuate an area, or to shelter-in-place.

Project Community AlertProject Community Alert is a partnership between Kansas City Metropolitan Emergency Managers, Price Chopper stores, and Midland Radio. Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME) all-hazard weather radios are currently available at area Price Chopper Stores for the cost of the radio - $29.95. These radios can be programmed to only alert for the counties you chose to include in your programming. If all you want to hear are Johnson County, Kansas alerts, you program the radio with that specific code.

Area County Codes:


    Kansas              Missouri  
    Johnson  020091            Cass  029037
    Douglas  020045            Clay  029047
    Leavenworth  020103            Jackson  029095
    Miami  020121            Platte  029165
    Wyandotte  020209