Permanent Sculpture Sites

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Permanent Sculpture MapGiving More Than You Take Reflective Spaces Blossom Ferro Welcome Home Dragonfly Zig Zag Going West on the Old Santa Fe Trail Trails West Everyday Icons Arlie Regier 2 Butterfly Series #2 Wild Flower Wild Flower

1. Giving More Than You Take
R.R. Osborne Plaza (100 E Santa Fe)

2. Reflective Spaces
R.R. Osborne Plaza (100 E Santa Fe)

3. Blossom
R.R. Osborne Plaza (100 E Santa Fe)

4. Ferro Sphere
201 N Cherry ST

5. Dragonfly
Community Garden (Santa Fe & Iowa)

6. Zig-Zag
Olathe Public Library (201 E Park ST)

7. Welcome Home
215 E Loula

8. Going West on the Old Santa Fe Trail
NW Corner of Ridgeview & Kansas City Road

9. Trails West
Lone Elm Park (21035 W 167TH ST)

10. Everyday Icons
Inside foyer of Olathe Municipal Services (1385 S Robinson Drive)

11. Arlie Regier piece
Olathe Municipal Services (1385 S Robinson Drive)

12. Butterfly Series #2
Olathe Memorial Cemetery, 738 N. Chestnut

13. Wild Flower
Civic Center Park,250 E. Santa Fe (north side)

14. Sprout
Civic Center Park,301 E. Santa Fe (south east side)


Interactive Mapping Applications

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Parks and Rec

Permanent Outdoor Sculptures Tour (Story Map) 

Story maps provide a guided tour of locations with interactive images. This story map is a tour of the City of Olathe Permanent Sculpture collection. This web map is responsive - it will automatically adjust based on if you are viewing it with a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone.


Public Works

Construction Projects 

This site contains information about the current City of Olathe construction projects.

Snow Plow Information 

This site contains information about the City of Olathe snow routes and GPS locations of snow plows.  The location of the snow plows automatically updates every five minutes.

FEMA Flood Plain Information 

This site contains the FEMA floodplain information.

Street Maintenance Information 

This site contains detailed street maintenance information.

Storm Water Information 

This site contains detailed information about the city's storm water management system.


Information Technology Services - Olathe GIS

Olathe GIS - Map Viewer 

This site contains general information about Olathe. Find an address, locate a park, or view an aerial photo of Olathe. These are just a few of the commonly used features of this site. The layers of information displayed here represent what we consider to be our base map data.

City of Olathe Crime Map  

Olathe Police Department crime map with the ability to select a date range, filter by crime type and zoom in and out on any part of Olathe. This interactive web map is built on Google maps.



Benefit Districts Information  

This site combines benefit district information with planning and base map data for the City of Olathe.

Planning Information  

This site combines the Olathe base map data with map layers that provide specific information related to planning and development of areas within and adjacent to the City of Olathe. Some examples of the planning and development information include zoning classifications, district boundaries, planning case locations, and more.