Employee Handbook

City of Olathe Employee Handbook

City of Olathe Seasonal and Temporary Employee Handbook

The City of Olathe is committed to treating employees fairly, and with respect and dignity in all employment matters to provide a safe and productive organization.  Our Human Resources team is here to discretely consult with employees who have questions or concerns about their experience working with the City.  Employee/manager consulting is always as confidential as possible (with the caveat that we may need to follow-up on information to ensure a timely, accurate and professional response). Employees are given regular feedback to make the work environment friendly, productive and safe.  We are quick to address issues that could have personal or legal impact. 

The City offers an Employee Ethics Hotline to report concerns or questions relating to City policies and practices, concerns about unlawful conduct, harassment, other wrongdoing, or evidence that the City of Olathe practices. Calls can be made to the Ethics Hotline seven days a week, 24 hours a day.   Communications are anonymous through a third party call center.

The City is committed to non-retaliation against individuals making reports and to maintain confidentially and anonymity with respect to such reports.