Certificate of Compliance Application

Thank you for interest in wanting to conduct business with the City of Olathe. 

Apply for a Certificate of Compliance with the City of Olathe link to application.

The printed and completed application can either be faxed and mailed. Please note that if an application is submitted via fax, the completed application must still be submitted by mail.

Mail Address:
Olathe Human Relations Office
P.O. Box 768
Olathe  KS  66051- 0768


Application Questions: call (913) 971-6267

Application Downloads:

Please contact the Housing Manager, if you need assistance in completing your Questionnaire of Personnel Practices.  Our offices are responsible for the administration and enforcement of the City of Olathe's Affirmative Action Program, Review, Eligibility Certification. To receive, review and recommend approval or rejection of affirmative action programs submitted by persons seeking any City contract and to certify eligible persons to the City.

We conduct Compliance Investigations. To initiate investigations into, to survey and review any and all affirmative action programs and contracts subject to this section, and to take such action with respect thereto as shall insure compliance with the terms of this section, subject to approval of the city manager.

You can Initiate Complaints. To initiate and file with the Human Relations Commission complaints alleging violation of this section.

Our offices can assist you in filing Complaint Investigations. To receive, investigate and rule upon, or pass on to the Human Relations Commission complaints of violations of Section III, of the Small Business Act, as amended, 15 U.S.C Sec. 632(a).