Fair Housing Assistance Program

The Office of Human Relations enforces the City of Olathe Fair Housing Ordinance and works with renters, buyers and housing providers to address fair housing issues and concerns.

Filing a Housing Complaint
Any person who wishes to file a housing discrimination complaint must come in person to the Office of Human Relations, 200 W Santa Fe. Street, or contact the office at (913)971-6260.

When to File
There is a one-year filing period for housing discrimination complaints. Persons are advised to file immediately when an incident occurs. All parties can be more clearly represented with information that is recent and current.


Impartial and Confidential. The role of the investigator is to gather all the facts in an objective, impartial and confidential manner. Fairness can assure all parties of reasonable and equal treatment during the process of a housing discrimination complaint. The City of Olathe Office of Human Relations is a substantially equivalent agency with the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.

US Department of Housing and Urban Development