Language Services

The City of Olathe is committed to making sure that services and information are made available to all customers including those with limited English proficiency and individuals who may have physical, hearing, speech or visual impairments which require special accommodations.

Questions regarding public accommodation services should be directed to the City of Olathe ADA Coordinator, at 913-971-8827.

Non-English Speaking or Limited English Proficient
Interpreters for non-English speaking City of Olathe customers are provided when necessary for interviews, investigations or appeals. Many documents used by the City of Olathe are in Spanish. Documents can also be translated into other languages as needed for customers.

Individuals who need interpreter services for non-agency needs may be referred to area advocacy organizations or given a list of available foreign language interpreters.

Sign Language Interpreting
There are two methods of sign language interpretation:

  • Interpreting: Used largely by people who are Deaf whose first language is American Sign Language (ASL).
  • Transliterating: a form of English signing that is used largely by people whose first language is English (i.e. became deaf later in life, or who were mainstreamed into a public school setting).

Language services, when needed for interaction with the City of Olathe departments, are provided at no charge to the consumer.

The City of Olathe recognizes that it is the responsibility of each consumer to request needed and/or preferred accommodation services in a timely manner. City staff acknowledge stated preferences on accommodation requests. The City of Olathe seeks to provide requested services through a mixture of program and structural modifications as appropriate to each individual. The City of Olathe departments shall provide requested accommodations by first making all possible programmatic modifications prior to considering structural changes.

The accommodations services portion of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is designed to ensure that there are timely accommodation and communication services between service providers and consumers with physical, hearing, speech, or visual impairments. It is the goal of the City of Olathe to provide reasonable, reliable, timely, qualified and efficient accommodation services to its residents.