City Undertakes Effort to Update Comprehensive Plan for Growth


The City of Olathe is currently in the process of updating its Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan outlines the City's official goals, policies, and guidelines to direct the growth and development of the community. The Comprehensive Plan describes the vision and goals of the community and provides a framework for future zoning, development and policy decisions.

The City's existing Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 1997. Since then, the City has grown significantly, both in population and land area, and new demographic and land-use trends have emerged. Many of the goals, objectives, and implementation strategies in the existing Comprehensive Plan have become out-of-date or been accomplished. The update will also help align the Comprehensive Plan with the City's Strategic Plan goals and priorities.

In December 2006, the City Council created the Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee to provide direction and guidance on the update and revision of the Comprehensive Plan. In June 2007 the advisory committee recommended an update. Last week the City Council approved a contract a firm to assist the City in the update process, which is expected to take one year.

The update will include an extensive visioning process with a high level of interaction and participation by the City Council, Planning Commission and public. The plan will build upon and integrate the work of existing plans and studies that are underway or have already been completed and address priorities that have emerged in the years since the current plan was adopted. The goal is to create an interactive and user-friendly Comprehensive Plan that will set the standard for public accessibility and usability.

For more information about the Comprehensive Plan update process, contact Sr. Planner Thomas Morefield, (913)-971-8676.