Olathe Serve Day Volunteers Making a Difference in City Parks

Helping clean 45 city parks and 15 miles of trails seems like a daunting task, but it is a task volunteers with Olathe Serve Day are willing to undertake.

Organized by Pastor Rod Jansen of Olathe Bible Church, Olathe Serve Day plans to bring several thousand volunteers into Olathe parks and Olathe's trail system to pick-up trash and litter on Saturday, April 25th.

According to Olathe Parks Superintendent Kevin Corbett, this type of volunteerism is incredibly helpful. He said, "We always need the community's support, and we rely on volunteers to help keep our parks and trails a wonderful and clean amenity." "With the budget challenges we face, we need this kind of spirit now more than ever," he said.

Not only will volunteers be helping parks and trails, they will be assisting some 60 Olathe residents in need through the City's volunteer program. The program matches senior and/or disabled citizens in need to assistance with exterior care of their homes and yards with volunteers.

Olathe Serve Day started with the Olathe Bible Church five years ago. By 2007, there were 12 churches and over 2,500 volunteers involved. This year's event has grown to include 20 churches, Boy Scout dens, soccer clubs and community groups. In addition to focusing on City projects, Olathe Serve Day volunteers will be working with the Olathe School District at several schools.