Council Considering Citywide Recycling Proposal

The Olathe City Council is considering a proposal to expand the City's solid waste program to include a curbside recycling option for all customers. Currently, only recycling subscribers have that option.

Not only is the proposal environmentally friendly, it supports the City's business objective of maintaining quality services while keeping costs low for the customers. Solid waste customer rates include the costs for disposing waste in the landfill, and currently, it costs about $30 per ton for disposed material. As such, diverting recyclable material from the landfill can have direct overall cost savings for the program which go directly toward keeping rates low. In addition to reducing landfill fees, recycled items can have market value creating a revenue stream to further stabilize costs.

The proposal does not "mandate" recycling, but provides a curbside recycling option to all customers rather than just subscribers. Customer surveys show broad community support for recycling and indicate customers who currently do not subscribe to the service will be much more likely to recycle given a curbside recycling option.

The proposal being considered includes an overall solid waste cost reduction for current subscribers and a small increase for other customers.

The City of Olathe operates the largest municipal solid waste program in Kansas and contracts with Hamm Industries for solid waste disposal at its landfill in Jefferson County, Kansas.