E-Billing Available for City Customers

Beginning July 5th, Olathe residents can automatically receive City utility bills on their computer rather than their mail box.  All residents can sign up to receive wastewater and solid waste bills electronically. Residents served by Olathe solid waste and wastewater can participate in e-billing as well.

The program not only adds convenience for customers, but it has a direct cost saving benefit. Each year, the City spends over $140,000 in postage and printing to send bills, so the more customers signing up for e-billing, the more money saved.

Already, about 35% of Olathe customers pay their utility bills electronically, and in a recent survey, 30% to 35% of customers indicate they would sign-up for e-billing for convenience and accounting.

Signing up is simple. Just visit Electronic Utility Billing and follow the prompts. Or, visit Olatheks.org, click the "I want to section" and select "pay my bill". Once signed-up, Olathe water and sewer customers can track their water and sewer usage as well as account balance.