City Moving Away from Door Hanger Notification of Water Service Shutoff

The City of Olathe has traditionally placed red door hangers on customers' doors as a final notification of water shut off due to non-payment. In all, cost for the door hanger program, including: printing, staff time and fuel total about $75,000 per year. That cost impacts rates that customers pay.

To save money and keep rates low, the City plans to discontinue the door hanger program. Best practice research shows customers can be reached effectively without the added cost of the hangers. Each customer will be contacted at least three times before shutoff, including a phone call if the customer provided contact information.

Shutting off water for non-payment is a last resort; and in certain hardship circumstances, the City will work with customers to develop payment plans. Customers with questions are encouraged to contact the City's customer service office at 971-9311.