Energy Saving Initiative Making a Difference

Earlier this year, the City of Olathe contracted with Energy Solutions Professionals (ESP) to conduct an audit of energy use and identify opportunities for cost savings, and create a system to track and monitor energy use. In addition, the contract calls for ESP to provide strategic steps the City can take to change energy use habits.

As a result of implementing initial recommendations, primarily changing behavior, the City has seen a 5.3% reduction in energy costs through the first half of this year, equating to a $22,000 savings. That is an ongoing savings that will carry forward. The City believes the most significant savings are yet to come through system changes and upgrades. Those include retrofitting seven buildings to allow for purchasing natural gas at a wholesale rate rather than retail, changing building thermostats to allow for powering down during evenings and weekends, adding separate heating and cooling units at City Hall to allow for small areas with temperature sensitive equipment to remain cool while the rest of the building can power down. These measures are anticipated to be completed by the end of this year.

ESP is being funded by a portion of the initial savings, but the entire on-going savings will be realized by the City.