Citywide Recycling Proposal Updated

Earlier this year, City of Olathe staff proposed changing the City's solid waste collection program to include a curbside recycling option for all Olathe customers, rather than just subscribers. The plan would have reduced overall costs for current subscribers and added a slight increase for other customers. The idea was both a business decision and an effort to protect the environment. It would divert more trash from the landfill and in so doing, reduce dumping costs for customers. Currently, they city (ultimately rate payers) pay for each ton of trash dumped so the more trash diverted, the lower the cost.

The City Council expressed support for the idea but had concerns that some Olathe residents my struggle with transporting the recycling container to the curb each week for pick-up. Staff subsequently revised the proposal to include a wheeled recycling bin as an option, similar to the SmartCarts customers currently use. In order to make up for the cost increase for the wheeled carts, the proposal would shift curbside recycling from every week to every other week and maintain the same proposed rate structure.

The Council expressed support for this option at their meeting last Tuesday, and the City plans to survey residents to determine what size cart would be most appropriate. In addition to the recycling cart, residents will still have the option of using their current blue recycling bin.

The change would go into effect in 2010.