City Prepares for Snow

The City of Olathe is already making plans for snow removal this winter and is exploring adjusting operations to more efficiently use salt and sand as well as City resources. Revised plans call for a greater emphasis on plowing during daylight hours to better take advantage of sunlight’s impact on snow melting materials and offset overall costs. As a result, residents and visitors are encouraged to park vehicles in drives during the day when there is a snowfall.

The City uses three level categories in responding to snowfall, depending on the amount of accumulation. Level One is initiated when snow reaches a depth of two inches with additional accumulation expected. This level focuses on clearing and maintaining arterial and collector routes followed by business and commercial collector roads. Level Two begins when snow reaches a depth of four inches. Cul-de-sac drivers will begin their plowing operations with smaller trucks by supporting level one response then moving into residential streets and cul-de-sacs. Level Three is activated when snow reaches a depth of six inches with additional accumulation expected. During level three, all qualified city employee operators will be used in 12-hour shifts as part of a 24-hour a day effort to clear snow.  See Snow Removal Tips for additional information.