Home Heating Safety Tips

Heating is the second leading cause of home fires according to the United States Fire Administration. Home heating started an early fall fire in Olathe that caused six-digit damage, but thankfully no one was hurt – a fireplace ember ignited the home’s roof.

Many home heating fire deaths and injuries are preventable. As cold weather blankets the metro, follow a few tips to keep your family safer when heating:

If burning wood in a fireplace or wood burning stove, chimneys or flues should be cleaned frequently by an expert to avoid a build-up of creosote.

• Burn only well-seasoned, dry wood in your fireplace or wood burning stove.

• Dispose of fireplace ashes properly - never put ashes in or near something that could burn, like plastic garbage bags, cardboard boxes, etc.

• SPACE HEATERS NEED SPACE! Keep them away from curtains, blankets, clothes and other items that could catch on fire. Unplug the heater when finished, leaving home or before sleeping.

• Have furnaces checked regularly by an expert.

• Keep all materials, like newspapers, boxes, rags, etc., at least three feet from any heating appliance (fireplace, wood burning stove, furnace, water heater, etc.).

• Always keep children and pets away from fireplaces, wood burning stoves, space heaters, furnaces and water heaters.

For more information about fire safety, visit the Olathe Fire Department section of the City’s website, http://www.olatheks.org/ .