Wintertime at Olathe Parks

Olathe parks and trails
support diverse habitat suitable for a variety of bird species. Bird watching in winter can be quite enjoyable and it might also serve as the only time for some species to be viewed in this area.

According to Olathe Parks Services Manager Paul Krueger, there are many benefits to venturing out in the Winter to view birds. The parks are usually not as busy as they are in the summertime making for a more enjoyable time in nature. With the leaves off the trees, prime viewing locations are easier to access and birds can be viewed better.

Olathe parks are open year round for day use unless snow and ice make for unsafe driving conditions within the park.

Park locations and popular winter species available for viewing:

Location                             Address                                     Species

Mahaffie Trail              KC Road to Northgate                    Cedar Waxwing, various hawk species

Stagecoach Park         1205 N. Kansas City Rd Redwing      Black Bird, various blackbird species

Indian Creek Trail        Pflumm to south of 151st                Belted Kingfisher, various hawk species

Frisco Lake                1100 E Dennis                               Trumpeter Swan, various waterfowl species

Lone Elm Park             21151 W. 167th                            Barred Owl, various hawk species

Cedar Lake                15500 S Lone Elm Rd                      White Pelican, various waterfowl species

Lake Olathe               625 Lakeshore Dr.                          Bald Eagle, various waterfowl species