City Replacing Water Meters


The City of Olathe is beginning the process of replacing roughly 35,000 water meters in homes and businesses with new modernized equipment that will allow for a significant increase in efficiency, cost savings and improved accuracy.

The new meters can be monitored remotely, eliminating the need to have City meter readers travel to each location. The updates will allow the City to greatly reduce meter reading positions, vehicles and the associated costs of manually reading meters. In addition, the new equipment will provide significantly more accurate readings on a daily (and even hourly) basis and detect water leaks, even while customers are away.

Automated metering infrastructure (AMI) uses a radio unit attached to the meter to send usage reads to a tower based antenna. The antenna receives the signal through a base station computer at the tower and sends the information to the City facility. The project is paid for by the cost savings and increased accuracy of the new meters.

Because most meters are located in a pit in the front yard, most customers will see very little impact in the meter change-out process. There will be a short interruption of service (usually less than 20 minutes), and customers may notice a spurting of air in the pipes the first time water is used after the meter has been changed. The City will contact customers whose meters are in the basement of their homes to set up an appointment. Commercial customers will also be contacted if there is a need to interrupt service to ensure their business is not disrupted.

Customers will receive advance notice of the meter replacements through door hangers and mailings prior to the planned replacement; and the City's contractor will contact residents prior to and when the meter is replaced. Additional information is available in the municipal services section of the City’s website, or by calling 971-9311.