Original Town Street Sign Toppers Unveiled

The City of Olathe will unveil the new Original Town Street Sign Topper Pilot Program at Johnson County Old Settlers beginning September 9. Signs will be placed at six different locations in downtown prior to the annual celebration.

In conjunction with the Original Town Enhancement Program, the Sign Topper Pilot Program is available to neighborhoods in Olathe’s Original Town area. Applications to purchase signs will be available at the Central Core Neighborhood booth. Cost per location is $40.

Citizens identified the need for such recognition and signage through the City’s Original Town Enhancement Plan, and numerous Neighborhood Action Plans.

The purpose of the sign topper program is to:

1. Increase recognition of unique character in neighborhoods

2. Increase the visibility of a neighborhood

3. Encourage a sense of belonging and neighborhood pride

4. Complement city neighborhood revitalization efforts

Original Town is located in the heart of Olathe. According to Emily Kukal, City of Olathe senior planner and staff liaison for the sign topper program, the vision for Olathe’s Original Town area is an authentic foundation of Olathe where residents live, play, and enjoy the highest quality of life. “Original Town Neighborhood Committees work hard to enhance downtown Olathe and provide neighborhood and community pride”, Kukal said.

At this time, the Sign Topper Pilot Program is planned for Original Town neighborhoods, and availability to all neighborhoods within the boundaries of the city of Olathe will be considered at a future date. For more information, contact the Department of Public Works, Planning and Environmental Services at 971-8969.