Fire and Life Safety Program Starts

The 19th annual Fire and Life Safety program for all Olathe third graders started Friday, Aug. 31.

The program, part of the department’s public education programs, was launched in 1994 to teach children a variety of fire and injury prevention and safety skills. Students have five lessons, which include homework. By completing worksheets and other extra credit assignments, they can earn prizes including some who will earn rides on fire engines in the spring.

For the first time, a police lesson was added to the program last year.

More than 2,000 students completed the program in 2011 at all 33 Olathe School District elementary schools. The program also is provided at two schools in Olathe that are not in the school district. The total number of Olathe third graders to complete the program will exceed 30,000 this year.

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