Speed Limits Change

Speed limits on sections of 151stand Santa Fe streets will be changed this week after the City of Olathe conducted a speed study requested by residents.

The speed limit on 151stStreet between Pflumm and Blackbob roads will increase to 45 mph from 40 mph. The stretch is a divided four-lane arterial and matches the speed limit east of Pflumm in Overland Park, also a divided four-lane road. The speed limit between Blackbob and Ridgeview Road will remain 40 mph. It is undivided with multiple access points.

The speed limit on Santa Fe between Mur-Len Road and Brougham Drive will increase to 45 mph from 35 mph. It is a divided four-lane arterial and is the same speed limit east of Brougham. The speed limit between Mur-Len and Lindenwood Drive will remain 35 mph, based the number of access points.

After requests from residents, Olathe performed a speed study to evaluate speed limits on 151stbetween Pflumm and Interstate 35, and Sante Fe between Lindenwood and Brougham. The study, performed with federal guidance, recommends speed limits be within 5 mph of the 85thpercentile. Other than speed, factors that are considered to change speed limits include road characteristics, accidents and site distance.