Home Burglary Prevention

Home burglary prevention begins with making your home an undesirable target.  Most burglars strike a home where they believe no one is present.  The goal then is to make your house look occupied while you’re away on vacation. 

The following tips may discourage a burglar from choosing your home:

  • Choose a trusty neighbor to pick up any parcel freight packages, mail and newspapers. 
  • Have the neighbor open your shades during the day and close them at night.  The advantages of having your neighbor come inside your home extend beyond crime prevention.  Your neighbor can also check for things like a water pipe break or gas leak.
  • Place your interior lights on timers and have the neighbor turn on exterior lights at night if you do not have motion or photocell sensors.
  • If trash barrels are placed curbside, have them brought inside after trash pickup.  Get a neighbor to put a couple of their bags of trash at your curb on trash day.
  • Have someone cut the grass or shovel the snow.  Or, have them drive their car back and forth in the driveway up to the garage to leave tracks.
  • Padlock your garage doors shut and unplug the electric garage door opener.
  • Consider leaving a car in the driveway.
  • Alert your neighbors and have them report any suspicious activity at your house.
  • Lock any side gates and outside storage areas.
  • Arrange for pet care if necessary.
  • Most importantly, lock all doors and windows. 

For additional crime prevention tips from the Olathe Police Department, visit www.OlatheKS.org/Police/Tips.