You Can Help

The second major winter storm in less than a week is set to hit the metro Monday afternoon.  If predictions are correct, it could be more significant than the recent storm that left nearly a foot of snow throughout the city.  In preparation for significant accumulation, we can all work together to keep the community safe.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Stay home whenever possible to alleviate congestion on roadways.  This is critical for snow removal operations; but more importantly for emergency response efforts.
  • Move vehicles off roadways so snow plows can maneuver more quickly and efficiently.
  • Clear snow on sidewalks adjacent to your property, wherever possible.  Areas and corner lots where City crews are piling snow are currently exempt during this severe weather event.
  • Shovel around fire hydrants so they are visible to emergency responders.
  • Keep children off streets.  Forts and igloos built close to roads can be mistaken for snow piles.
  • Help neighbors in need.  Volunteer to shovel driveways and sidewalks for neighbors that may have medical conditions, are elderly, or disabled.

During active plowing operations, arterial and collector routes are first priority. With the exception of emergency requests from police dispatchers, individual requests for snow removal cannot be taken until after major city-wide operations have been completed.

Residential streets are plowed and treated to "passable"; they are not considered bare pavement routes like arterials.

Midday update on Feb. 25