School Crossing Safety Measures Taken as Students Return to the Classroom


As students prepare to return to school, the City of Olathe is working to ensure school crossings are safe. The School Safety Program, adopted in 2003, establishes guidelines for use of intersection controls, crossing guards and other tools to ensure safe school crossings for elementary students. Read more »

Environmental and Cost Benefits

The Olathe City Council recently adopted a new recycled pavement technology with both environmental and cost benefits.  

FRAP, or Fractionated Recycled Asphalt Pavement, is a green technology that recycles aged and worn asphalt pavement on existing asphalt streets, roads and highways and incorporates the material back into the new asphalt.  

The process of combining old and new asphalt, known as Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP) has been around for years. However, RAP was generally limited to a mix of 10% recycled to 90% new asphalt.

Summer Pool Closure Schedule

The City of Olathe will reduce pool operations beginning in August.

Millcreek Pool will close for the season after pool hours on Sunday, August 8.

Oregon Trail and Frontier Pools will be open through Sunday, August 15.

Black Bob Bay will remain open for regular hours through August 15 and will operate reduced hours from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. weekdays August 16 to August 20. Beginning August 21, Black Bob Bay will operate on weekends only from 12:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

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Budget Season Begins



City of Olathe staff is continuing the process of developing the city manager’s proposed 2011 budget, and it is currently scheduled to be presented to the City Council during their Tuesday, July 6th meeting.

Though the City has made significant spending reductions and budget cuts over the course of the last three years, resident satisfaction with City services has remained high, largely due to residents’ willingness to share their priorities, thoughts and ideas about how their tax dollars should be spent. Read more »

Downtown Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit uses Technology

There is something different about the downtown art sculptures in Olathe, but it is not a part of the art.

Next to each of the temporary sculptures in the City’s Downtown Public Art Exhibit are signs with black and white spotty images.

Pay Traffic Tickets Online or By Phone


The Olathe Municipal Court is now accepting payments for eligible traffic citations online at or by calling (800) 701-8560. The new options are available 24-hours per day and seven-days per week.

Only citations issued by the Olathe Police Department that include a fine amount are eligible for online payment and may be paid after five working days following issuance.

I-35 Lone Elm Bridges Now Open


Both bridges (Lone Elm Road and 159th Street) constructed as part of the City’s new Lone Elm/I-35 interchange project are now open to traffic over I-35.

The project’s only remaining major components under construction are the interchange ramps allowing traffic to exit and access I-35. They are slated to open on July 1st or 2nd.

The $67 million project is being constructed with an eye toward new economic development and job creation. It is already credited with helping create nearly 1,000 jobs and tens of millions of dollars in investment in south Olathe.

Public Hearings Begin for City Comprehensive Plan Update


The City of Olathe’s Comprehensive Plan is a roadmap that plays a major role in how the community will develop in newer areas and redevelop in others, and it influences policies and decisions that have a direct bearing on the city’s quality of life. The City of Olathe is completing the process of updating that plan, and public participation has been a critical component to ensure the plan reflects community priorities. However, there are still opportunities for the public to provide input. Read more »

Summer Activities at Mahaffie


The Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop and Farm will be hosting numerous Special Events and a Summer History Camp in the coming weeks.

Make your plans to enjoy some historic fun.

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