Trash Collection


Automated Trash Truck Trash Collection

Weekly Trash Collection

  • The City provides weekly trash collection for all residents within city limits, using an automated trash collection system. Each household is provided a city-owned trash cart to use for their household's trash. The City provides residents with one consolidated collection day for all solid waste services - household trash, yard waste, and recycling. 
  • Only three holidays affect the residential trash pick up schedule and they are Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day.  On those weeks the schedule is the same up to the day of the holiday; and then for the remainder of the week after the holiday the pickup service is delayed one day. 

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Thank You for Helping Us Better Serve You

Residents can continue to help keep solid waste collection efficient by:

  • having your cart at the curb by 8 a.m.,
  • making sure the arrows on the cart point toward the street,
  • allowing three feet between the cart and other objects,
  • fitting all trash in the cart,
  • keeping yard waste to a minimum, and
  • reducing your household's trash through recycling.


Additional Trash Collection Guidelines smartcart

  • Carts must be at the curb by 8:00am on your scheduled trash day and returned to your residence by 5:00pm the next day.
  • Any extra trash that will not fit into the cart must be in bags (not cans/carts) placed beside the cart.
  • Sharp objects such as broken glass, knives, or syringes should be placed in a rigid container or a cardboard box and labeled to prevent injury to collection workers.
  • Never place trash on or in front of storm sewer openings.
  • No liquids or yard waste will be collected with household trash.
  • Paint and other hazardous items should be disposed of through the City’s Household Hazardous Waste Program.  Empty paint cans be placed beside the cart with the lids off showing that the contents are completely dry.
  • Large or bulky household items will require a scheduled bulk item pickup.  Examples include: furniture, appliances, mattresses, lumber and large tree limbs.

Caring for Your Cart

  • Carts are the property of the City and are provided for trash collection service. Carts are assigned to the address, not to the resident.
  • Residents are responsible for cleaning and protecting the cart from damage or abuse.
  • Repair of damages due to normal wear will be the responsibility of the City. Residents may be charged for repairs due to neglect or misuse of the cart.
  • Additional carts may be provided with a monthly fee of $5 for each additional cart at the individual resident's request.

Trash Bags Available for Purchase
While customers are not required to use "City of Olathe" trash bags, the bags are available for purchase (roll of 50 bags = $9.00 + tax) at the following locations: 

  • Customer Service, 1385 S. Robinson (M-F, 8 am - 5 pm)
  • Transfer Station, 1681 S. Valley Rd (M-F, 7 am - 4 pm and Sat 7 am - noon)


Scheduling a Bulk Item Pick-up

Olathe residents can arrange for a curbside pickup of large or bulky household items by calling 971-9311 before 5pm on the business day before your scheduled trash day. All items must be placed within 8 feet of the curb by 8:00 am on your trash day. 

  • All items placed at the curb for bulk pickup will be collected for disposal.
  • The City operates with the understanding that everything brought to the curb is disposable. 
  • Bulk items are picked up mechanically with equipment designed for big furniture and appliances, offering no safe way to set aside containers or other items.
  • Yard Waste items must be placed in a separate pile from other bulky items.
  • The City of Olathe does not pick up or service containers purchased at local retailers that are called "The Bagster."


Charges for bulk item pick-ups:

  • Household items, construction debris (excludes concrete, asphalt and dirt) or brush = $20 for up to 15 minutes of loading time (There is an additional $20 for pickups on a day other than your regular trash day)
  • Refrigerated appliances (refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners) = $30 each
  • Automobile tires = $10 minimum for up to two tires; $5 for each additional tire
  • Semi-truck tires = $10
  • Brush/Yard Waste loads in excess of 20 cubic yards will be charged additional fees for travel time (between loads) to the composting facility

Holiday Schedule

  • The City collects trash, recycling, and yard waste as usual on all holidays except: New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  If one of these holidays falls Monday – Friday, all service after the holiday will be one day later that week only.