Olathe Solid Waste Transfer Station


1681 South Valley Road
Olathe, Kansas 66061
(913) 971-5175

Transfer Station photo

The Olathe Solid Waste Transfer Station is operated as a joint project between the City of Olathe and N.R. Hamm Quarry, Inc. 

The facility is open to the general public and commercial waste haulers.

Cash or check only.

Debit or credit cards are not accepted.




Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday, 7 am - 4 pm
Saturday, 7 am - noon

Open Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 7

Directions to Facility:

Located near 151st & Lone Elm, west of Olathe Medical Center in the Lone Elm                 Industrial Park

Transfer Station map


Tonnage Disposal Fee    
Solid waste   $40.50 per ton
Minimum Tipping Fee    
Olathe residents - with photo ID   $25 per load
Minimum Fee - Non-residents   $30 per load
Per Item Disposal Fees    
Tires (cars)   $ 5 each
Large Tires (truck)   $ 7.50 to $10 each
Appliances with Freon   $30 each


Facility Rules:

  • Please obey directions from signs, signals and facility personnel in all areas of the transfer station.

  • Unload only in the proper designated area or container.

  • Only vehicles that have an automated unloading/dumping capability are directed to the facility tipping floor.

    • Please follow directions of the tipping floor operator and stay at least 5’ from other vehicles.

    • Do not dump directly into the pit.

  • Be sure all waste material is placed into roll-off containers.
  • Be mindful of debris around the drop-off site.
  • Do not stand on retaining walls.
  • Keep children inside your vehicle.

  • All loads must be secured to prevent littering.

  • No liquids, waste sludges (oil and paints), medical or infectious wastes, barrels, yard waste or hazardous waste.