Scholarship Program

Please read the following Olathe Parks and Recreation Scholarship Program information


Making recreation programs available and affordable for all citizens is a goal of the City of Olathe. Most recreation programs carry a registration fee to help offset the funding needed. To make recreation programs more affordable to low and moderate income residents, the city offers recreation scholarships.


The Olathe Parks & Recreation Department, is solely responsible for determining the eligibility of an applicant based on the information provided by the applicant on the "Scholarship Application" form, and utilizing the 2016 Federal poverty level, 150%. In order to be con­sidered for a scholarship, an applicant must submit a completed application form and income verification to the Scholarship Coordinator. Please make sure to thoroughly complete the application form, (provide income information, signature with the date). All applications must be renewed each year with updated income verification information provided annually in order to qualify for the program. Income verification must consist of a copy of your  2015 Federal Income Tax Return and child support verification AND documents verifying all of the following that apply:

1. Welfare assistance/alimony

2. Social Security Administration Funding (current benefit letter)

3. If claiming a dependent not listed on your income Tax return, please provide a copy of your child’s birth certificate or social security card


Scholarships will be awarded based on annual level of income, with the approved applicant paying 50% of the program fee for most recreational programs and summer swim memberships. The Parks & Recreation Department can provide information on educational and recreational programs that qualify for the scholarship program.

For Special Populations Travel Club and Special Olympic State competitions, participants will pay 75% of the program fee. Each participant is allowed one trip for Travel Club and one Special Olympics State competition per
calendar year as long as funding is available.


All scholarship participants missing 25% of a class, more than once, will be in violation of the scholarship policy, and will be taken off scholarship status immediately. If the applicant finds they cannot regularly attend a class, it is their responsibility to contact the Scholarship Coordinator to discuss the matter. The City of Olathe reserves the right to review past usage of the scholarship program to determine if a household is eligible for the program based on attendance and their compliance with the policies associated with the scholarship program.

All registrants must be approved for the scholarship program in advance of a class or activity in order to receive scholarship benefits. Anyone registering or attending a class prior to scholarship approval will not be issued a refund or credit based on scholarship rates. All participants must be registered into a class with payment submitted prior to the start date of a class or activity. 

Important Information

Due to the large number of participants in the program, please plan ahead to have application and income verification compiled to help reduce the approval waiting period. Listed on the scholarship application is a checklist to use in making sure all the required information is submitted.

Please plan ahead—have your scholarship approved in advance of activities because there will be no guarantee your application will be processed before the beginning of a registration deadline. Scholarships will be processed within 7 working days. Scholarship applications must be turned in at least two weeks prior to the registration deadline of a class.