Pet License Application

Step 1  Gather the necessary documentation.

  • Current Rabies Vaccination Certificate from your licensed veterinarian

    • Ensure that all your owner/animal information is current and accurate.

    • Please note any changes, updates or corrections directly on the rabies certificate.

  • Spay or Neuter Certificate from your license veterinarian

    • This is not necessary if your rabies certificate indicates that the animal is spayed or neutered.

  • Microchip Registration Information

    • This is not required for your pet license.

    • Olathe Animal Control will register your microchip information in our animal licensing data base at no charge.

    • Microchip information can expedite the return of your lost pet.

Animal Licensing Fees  
Any dog or cat with proof of spay/neuter $10.00
Any cat without proof of spay/neuter $25.00
Any dog without proof of spay/neuter $35.00


Step 2   Submit the necessary documentation.

Mail to: Deliver in Person:

Animal Licensing
City of Olathe
PO Box 768
Olathe  KS  66051-0768

Olathe Animal Shelter
505 E. Sunvale Dr.
Olathe  KS  66061

Olathe Public Works
1385 S. Robinson Dr.
Olathe  KS  66061