Nuisance Wildlife Permit

 Olathe Police Department Nuisance Wildlife Management Permit 

City of Olathe Municipal Ordinance Title 8 Animals regarding trapping of animals:


8.08.70              Trapping Prohibited.  No person, firm, corporation or association shall do any trapping anywhere in the city.


8.08.80               Exceptions. 

(a)     The provisions of Section 8.08.070 do not apply to the use of any trap specifically designed to kill rats, mice, gophers or moles with the consent of the owner of the property where the trap is set.

(b)    The provisions of Section 8.08.070 do not apply to the use of cage-type live traps employed for the control of nuisance animals as long as such traps are tended to each 12 hours.

(c)     The provisions of Section 8.08.070 do not apply to actions authorized under state wildlife guidelines for the control of nuisance animals.


Name of Applicant       (please print)                                                                                        Date

Business or Agency Name

Address                                                           City                              State                Zip


Telephone Number                                                                               Mobile Number


Location where Nuisance Animal Damage Control will occur    


Describe Target Animal(s)

Describe Nature of Damage/Nuisance Complaint


Describe Methods (non-lethal, lethal, etc) and Desired Equipment (trap, snare, etc.)


Expected Date(s) for Nuisance Animal Damage Control Activity  


I agree to comply with all Federal, State and local Nuisance Animal Damage Control regulations. 


I agree to cooperate with all requests and procedures of Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks.


I agree to notify Olathe Animal Control (913) 971-6362 of any deviation of the above described Nuisance Animal Damage Control Activities.


I agree to take responsibility for tending to the control methods used every 12 hours.


I agree to report and release all incidents of domestic animals captured, injured or killed during the activities described above.


Signature                                                                                                                      Date


Permit required at each location for Nuisance Animal Damage Control within the CITY OF OLATHE.


Attach a copy of current Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks issued Nuisance Animal Damage Control Permit.


Permit Issued By                                                                                                          Date