Nuisance Wildlife Policy

Olathe Police Department Policy/Procedure Wildlife Management Effective Date: April 8, 2003
Revised Date: March 28, 2003

Purpose: This policy has been formulated and initiated in order to provide a clear guideline as to the procedures to be followed when a call for wildlife management is received.

Policy: It will be the policy of the Olathe Animal Control Unit to respond to calls for service regarding wildlife when that wildlife has been reported to be:

  • Sick or injured
  • Inside the living quarters of a residence
  • Creating an immediate threat to public health or safety


It will be the policy of the Olathe Animal Control Unit to refer requests for nuisance wildlife control to a current list of Nuisance Wildlife Damage Control permittees provided by the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks.

It will be the policy of the Olathe Animal Control unit to hold private property owners financially responsible for nuisance wildlife management and any damages caused by nuisance wildlife to private property. The City of Olathe will not be responsible for damage to private property that is a result of nuisance wildlife regardless of the origin of the nuisance wildlife.


Nuisance Wildlife is found living in or near buildings where people reside, destroying or about to destroy property, creating a public health or safety hazard or wildlife that remains after all methods of exclusion, habitat modification and removal of attractants have failed.

Sick or Injured is a wild animal diseased or injured such that its ability to escape capture is physically impaired or absent.

Inside the living quarters of a residence means that the wild animal has obtained entry inside the areas of a residence where people live, eat, sleep etc. This excludes garages, sheds, attics, crawl spaces, areas under porches and decks and any other area not normally considered where people live.

Immediate threat means that public health or safety is eminent without Animal Control Unit intervention.

Nuisance Wildlife Management Permit: The purpose of the Nuisance Wildlife Management Permit is to provide a clear guideline and procedure for Nuisance Wildlife Trappers to follow for complete compliance with City of Olathe ordinance regarding the trapping of animals using dangerous or lethal means. This permit is required when the use of dangerous or lethal means is the method to be used for nuisance wildlife management. There will be no fee for the permit.